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About Us

Meet Our ADMINS!

From all over the World, we have a BIG selection of guys and gals! Covering a LOT of North America. but also Canada, Europe, South Asia, and the mariana islands! 

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Meet the ASASSINS!

Meet The Team

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   Crypto Nitty Gritty

Terry is a small business owner, Crypto node operator, and skilled T.A. chart sniper. He owns and operates Crypto nitty gritty LLC and moderates the .786 Assassin discord 

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               Mrs. Beverly

Mrs. Beverly is a retired Mother, Wife, and moderator of the .786 Assassins Discord. She is a node operator, skilled on the charts, and an excellent addition to what we have to offer!

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Node Savage (Tony)

Nomad Hitch

An Industrial Electrical Lineman, Nomad is a skilled sniper on the charts, node operator, and a moderator on the .786 assassin discord.

Tony is a former Oil industry worker, turned small business owner, node operator, highly skilled trader, and a family man first. He operates Matrix trading solutions LLC, and moderates the .786 Assassins discord. 

Affiliate Businesses

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